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You are welcome !
Published on 10-04-2016

Hello Members,
You are welcome with us at CLIXBOX !
We are in pre-launch now, because our Official launch date will be on April 15th, 2016.
But you can now start:
getting your referrals, earning money, adding funds, purchasing membership/advertisement and renting referrals !
CLIXBOX is a secure profitable-profitable environment for our members and advertisers.
CLIXBOX uses a Lisenced Legal EvolutionScript.
For celebrating the start of our project, we would like to announce our promotions for the first members:
1) Free PREMIUM 30 days membership 7days + $0.500 sign up bonus at Purchase Balance + $0.200 sign up bonus at Account Balance !
2) Promotional Special Packages: (Click here)

3) We have another bonus for bringing direct referrals:
For each 10 direct referrals you bring (among them at least 5 active DR) you will get:
5000 Banner Ad Credits
5000 Featured Ad Credits
2 Login Ad Credits

Only send us a support ticket: Direct referral bonus.

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